18 January 2011

Night at Foggy Park

I'm already back from the park we have here in front of the condominium. It's been foggy out there since 5pm now. I decided to take advantage of this "rare" misty atmosphere to shoot some pix using my Nikon D3100.

I wanted that classic scene with a curved park path with a row of fluorescent lamps, vanishing after few meters, just like in old movies with Sherlock Holmes who follows Dr Moriarty after midnight in the middle of a dark park full of floating fog.

Here's one of the 49 pix I took :P

Shutter 1/13
Aperture 3.5
ISO 200
Focal Length 18mm

Not happy!
I fiddled a lot with the White Balance options. I picked all of them, included those I new it was useless to even try with. Nothing worked for me. Some pix were bluish, some greenish but in most cases they were completely FANTA! Much much more than the one here above.

I had an A4 sheet of white paper with me too. So I glued it to a steamy glass panel protecting the Map of the Park, right next to a lamp post, switched the WB to PRE mode and made the measuring process pointing at the white paper for as long as finally managed to have it recorded onto the Nikon's brain.

I must say that the more light I had let into the lens (high ISO, long aperture) the more orange the pix came out. Some of them quite nice. But not truthful!
Here's an example:

and here!


I won't have that fog so soon again, so I kinda feel pixd off but, hey, the winter isn't to come to an end that quickly! I still have about two months for solving my fluorescent issue :P

BTW, how do you cope with this type of light?

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